mid 20th century to late 20th century

This is a small wooden chest constructed using a band saw and joined with adhesive. The chest has three drawers lined with blue felt. The front panels of the drawers are dyed red and each has a...

20th century

This is a box constructed with a woodworking technique that uses interlocking wooden sticks. The box has a pyramid-shaped lid (B) that fits on a rectangular base (A). The base has long vertical...

20th century

This is a carved wooden chain in three sections that is painted metallic silver. (A) has 24 oval links with double-link end pieces. (B) has five ball-in-cage sections and one double-link end...

20th century

This is a metallic silver painted bottle carved out of wood with a ball-in-cage design containing two spheres.

20th century

This is a metallic silver painted bottle carved out of wood with a ball-in-cage design containing nine spheres.

20th century

This is a rectangular Tramp Art box on a pedestal base. The box is hinged and the interior is lined with brown fabric. Layers of scalloped wood are applied to each side of the box, forming a...

20th century

This is a circular Tramp Art framed mirror. The wooden frame surrounding the mirror is constructed with layers of geometric decoration that have scalloped edges.

20th century

This is a wooden Tramp Art frame with tri-petal corners. The decorative elements of the frame have scalloped edges and four small square mirrors are built into the frame at the interior corners...

mid 20th century

This is a footed oval bowl with striped horizontal wood grain.


Wooden sculpture consists of a large round block of cheese (a) with a wedge-shaped piece cut out from its side (b). The pieces of cheese are coated with resin to simulate white interiors and red...

c. 1913



This is a wooden incense burner shaped like a wood stove; the chimney is made of metal

Per S.B. - Coffee table of wood (walnut?) inlaid with stoneware tiles. Table is low and has four parallel rectangular openings into each of which a set of four tiles have been placed. Each of the...


Made in Oakland

Notes from Sylvia Bennet (wife of the artist and donor of the chair) re: the chair:

"This walnut chair has short, curved arms, which adjoin the back rail/backrest....

c. 1970

Small lidded wooden box with lid made of dark wood. The top has an oval shaped mirror and is craved reminiscent of a topographical map. The oval mirror serves as a lake on the map. It is lined...

late 20th century

This is a sculpture in the form of a wooden sphere that is covered with gesso and incised with geometric designs. Dark oil paint is forced into the incised designs. A hole is drilled into one...


This wooden sculpture with mixed media has a composition of a small wooden side chair that sits on a rectangular section of "ground". The chair's legs transform into roots and trail into the...

Untitled (Wooden Bowl)
Mid to late 20th century

Turned wood bowl made from Black Walnut with a wide shallow depression that tapers to a small circular base. Surface is varnished and shows multiple black knots in warm brown colored wood.


Large turned, black walnut bowl by by Bob StocksdaleThis was used as a serving bowl (salad?) by the previous owner. It was acquired by the donor in 1979

Mid to late 20th century

Long rectangular box with five organic shaped compartments. Holes in the back of the box allow each compartment to be pushed open. The compartments are each composed of two interlocking pieces...

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