Angela Pancrazio

c. 1989

handwritten on the back, "Firefighter in Rough and Ready fears his house has been caught in the Grass Valley Blaze." Rescue Captain crying on fire truck fender, fire shelter clipped to...


From the caption that ran with the image: "Students, from left, Mike Stinson, Chuck Carter, Molly Murphy and Shawn Pyne say St. Mary's challanged their preconceptions." Image...


Handwritten on back, "Flashing gorilla". Image depicts a wind-up gorilla that shoots sparks from its mouth. From the Oakland Tribune Collection


Image depicts Matthew Werner playing with a toy space station in his living room. From the Oakland Tribune Collection


Image depicts a young girl, Rebecca Warner, holding a doll, a cardboard store in the foreground. From the Oakland Tribune Collection


Image depicts a felt rabbit made of a rough material. From the Oakland Tribune Collection


Image is a shot of a He-man toy.


Image depicts a Pursuit toy plane with steering wheel, prominently displayed on a glass case in a toy store.


Typed on back, "Amy Breshears is captivated by Digger Dan a remote bulldozer that picks up things". Image depicts Breshears, an enraptured look on her face, playing with the Digger Dan...


Typed on back, "5 year old [sic] Matthew Hester from Maertinez [sic] peers above a firebird speed chase racing set" Image depicts Hester staring at the racing set.


Handwritten on back, "Black memorabillia [sic] is popular and in demand." Image depicts a hand holding a blackface doll and a miniature kettle with a blackface clown on it.


Typed on back: "13 year old [sic] Jesus Renteria peers through Space 3-D glasses an electronic game". Image depicts Renteria looking into the glasses.


Handwritten on back, "getting lost in cabbage patch land." Image depicts a young girl holding a box with clothes for Cabbage Patch Kids, her face obscured by the box.


Image depicts several toy boats, including a steamboat, a tugboat, and a cruise ship, against a backdrop painted with a cloudy horizon.


Image depicts several toy boats, including a tugboat, a steamboat and a cruise ship, with a painted background of a cloudy horizon.


Image depicts a model ocean liner, some wear evident in the paint job.


Handwritten on back, "Row boat with rowers date unknown". Image depicts a toy row boat with a flag on the stern and four rowers in it, all out of focus, except one which is looking...


From the caption that ran with the image: "Part of this season's cuddly brigade: left-right, Christmas Bunny (Mervyn's), Snoopy (Macy's), Jingle Bear (Emporium-Capwell)."...


Image depicts three G.I. Joe action figures, still inside the plastic case.


From the caption that ran with this photo, "Bobby Seale pledges his return as an activist for Eastbay's [sic] downtrodden." Image depicts Seale speaking to an unseen crowd.


Handwritten on back, "Huey Roundtree cooks his 4th of July Barbecue on the shores of Lake Marritt. wife, Cassie in background." Image depicts the Roundtrees barbecuing and relaxing.


Handwritten on front, "Lena Ramos manager of 'Fanstand' in Bayfair Mall with telephone helmet". The caption used for the picture has been pasted to the back of the image, which...


Handwritten on back, "Kwang Woo Han, KCCEB Director with model of Koryo Village Center in front of site." Image depicts Han holding the model, various people visiting the site behind...


This was one of the photographers who helped the Oakland Tribune win a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the 1989 Earthquake disaster. Clipping on the back, "Dorothy Lee of Piedmont prays...

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