south kennedy tract neighborhood


The "Tract List" compiled by Quentin dates the Shell Mound Tract at 1876. The area featured in this drawing lies between Park Avenue and the Tidal Canal, from Livingston St. to Ford St. (now...


Map, real estate advertisement. The lots shown for sale are on Kennedy St. and Park St.; the area is bounded on the north by Frederick St. and on the south by Shasta Ave. "Only two blocks to the...


The lots shown in this subdivision map are contained by Park Ave. on the north and Kennedy St. on the south; the eastern boundary street is Frederick St. and the western boundary street is...

April 12th, 1907

"Employees of the Union Gas Engine Co., East Oakland, Kennedy & Canal Sts., 23rd Ave. Station, April 12, 1907; William J. Casey, President, William L. Corson, Secretrary; The Union Gas Engine...

Dredging the tidal canal, Oakland to Alameda, ca. 1894-1901

Puget Sound Lumber Co., Oakland, Calif.

ca. 1920

Photograhic print, showing the construction of the grain elevators on the Oakland Estuary in about 1920. The elevators were one of the first cooperative farm experiments intended to encourage...

Park Street Bridge opened.


E.B.M.U.D. view. Aerial view, east Oakland. 1927

Fruitvale Bridge opened.

Fruitvale Bridge opened.


Photograph. Description: Looking southeast

Physical Description: Black and white print, 8 3/4" x 13", with border.

Aerograph Company

c. 1915

Father Grace [Daddy Grace] religious leader in Oakland performing a baptism at the waterfront in front of WWI barracks. The exact location on the waterfront is not known.

Charles M. (Sweet...


The notation on the front of the photo reads "Oakland Estuary looking north toward the Park St. Bridge." The bridge is off in the distance on the horizon, as is a large cargo crane off to the...




Exhibition Label: "Scene in Oakland", Oakland Museum of California

March 9 - August 25, 2002

66. Raymond...

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