Map, "Hetch Hetcy Water Supply of the City and County of San Francisco, Plans for San Joaquin Pipeline, M. M. O'Shaughnessy, City Engineer, January 1931" showing the water pipeline route from...


From back of photo: Hetch Hetchy tunnel cave-in. Aug 29, 1932

At left is a man in denim shirt, overalls and soft cap with bill. There is a bright "spot light" over his ear. He is...


From back of photo: Hetch Hetchy tunnel cave-in.

At the top of what appears to be a tall shaft are five men looking into the opening. The structure is made of wood and metal vertical...


From back of photo: Hetch Hetchy tunnel cave-in. Aug 29, 1932

The photo could be that of an elevator-type apparatus. It is a vertical structure made of wood and metal with large...


From front of photo: "A-3917. Mayor Rossi, Mr. Byington & mine at holing thru bet. Mitchell & Mocho 1-5-34"

From back of photo: Longest tunnel in the world all in ala Co. May...


From front of photo: "A 2430. H.H. Ag. Mocho West, Sta. 919+ - Spading gouge Material - Feb. 5, 1930"

Eight men standing in cylindrical tunnel wearing work clothes (heavy fabric). One...


Back of photo notes: Hetch Hetchy tunnel cave-in Aug 29, 1932

Rescruers? Approximately 18 men standing beneath wooden structure -- large support beams.poles next to elevator? There are...


Article with two photos on back of photo: Jul 18, 1930 "WHERE GAS HORROR BROUGHT TRAGEDY See Add Info below for full text.

Photo of consruction yard and hill behind. A 5 x 2 1/2"...


Bacl of photo: June 19, 1930 Mitchell Shaft.

Captionf from back of photo: "'Holing through' of the last few feet of the Coast Range tunnels of the Hetch Hetchy water system today...


From front of photo: "A-2406 - H.H. Ag. Mitchell Crosscut looking south Feb 4, 1930

Very, very large rounded tunnel at least 18' high. Tunnel is supported by rectangular shaped areas...


This is a print of a train emerging from a tunnel with grafitti on the outside of the tunnel

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