Giant Panda


Poster has a stylized white, black, brown, and blue image of a panda sitting on a forest floor eating bamboo. The image is surrounded by a red border, with "Endangered" in black in the...

China Trade Fair

Poster printed on white paper. At the top is a stylized black image of a panda, sitting on red text at the bottom of the poster that reads "China / Trade Fair ''80 / The Official Exhibition Of The...

untitled (naked man)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a color image of a naked man with glasses and a cigar lounging on a panda fur rug.

Giant Pandas

Poster has an image of three pandas - two rolling around at the right and one sitting eating from the bamboo tree at the left. In the top right corner of the image is a green box with white Asian...

Toy Drive
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

This poster is on off-white paper. All text and images are printed in black. Large text along the top edge reads "Chinatown North Beach Area / Youth Council's". In the center of the page, a seated...

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