Saichi Kawahara ~ artist

America needs Indians


Poster has a black background with a large pink circle in the center. In the circle is an outline of a native american chief's head. In green script around the circle is,...
Miss Amerika Classic Plastic

Poster has a blue background with a drawing of a woman's face in white in the center. The woman has large red lips and big white teeth. She is smiling with a crown on her head. Under the...

Can't lick our Dick!

Poster has an orange background with the outline of a white postage stamp on the right. In the center of the stamp is a drawing of Richard Nixon in a blue suit with both hands raised making...

Frito Bandito is a Tio Taco

Poster has a yellow background with a white square in the top center. In the white square is an image of Frito Bandito wearing a large yellow sombrero and white shirt with red and yellow trim....

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