late 19th, early 20th century

Basket, open work weave From the History Information Station: "Object: Basket made by open twining. It was collected among the lower Klamath River peoples, and dates to the late 19th or...

ca. 1900

Patent Medicine in box. Description: Insurance Medicine Co., Watermelon Seed Stomach, Kidney and Liver Cure. Consists of: a-l: Wooden cannisters with fitted screw on caps, each painted a...

Basket, twined, (mortar). Design in redbud (?)


"Probably not found in Arizona. Used as a mortar hopper in food processing. Native repair on base in...


Two product containers. Description: "Dr. Whitehall's Megrimine" - "For All forms of Headache and Neuralgia". Blue and white label. a. Pencil markings on face. b. Inset for A. c. Outside. d...

Netted Newspaper

Rectangular weaving made of newspaper strips wrapped in plastic; woven through a looping and wrapping method.

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