Partners in Flight

Poster has a color image at the top, pritned on white paper with black text. Image shows a forest scene with a globe in the middle surrounded by trees, animals, reptiles, and mostly birds. A thte...

Gray squirrells

Poster has a central black and white image with a pink tint showing two squirrels on two separate tree branches with a full moon over the tree line in the background. At the bottom right of the...

Friends Of Mt. Graham

Poster has black and red ink printed on white paper. Across the top is "Friends Of Mt. Graham / (Dzil nchaa si an". At the left is a red and white image of a squirrel screaming with the caption "...

circa 1900-1920

Poster has a drawing of a happy waterfall and creek scene. There are lush green trees and bushes surrounding a sparkling blue creek. There is a fish jumping out of the water, and a squirrel and...


10-page brochure with the theme "A brief story of the geology of Yosemite Valley," a special issue of "Yosemite Nature Notes." Gives accounts and theories of the origins of Yosemite Valley,...


This is a charcoal and Chinese white (type of pastel) drawing of a woodland scene. Sunlight filters through leaves and a small squirrel sits on a rock.


Poster resembles eye chart, but instead of letters, there are animals.

Untitled (F)

White glazed sculpture of a composition of animals, a human and other objects. Large piece (A) has a flat flower in front proper right upon with small piece (B) rests. Above flower is a Koala...

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