california poppy

California Wildflower Show

Poster consists of orange, blue, and green print on white paper. Inside a two-tone blue and orange border is an image of a field of orange California poppies with blue flowers interspersed among...

California Wildflower Show
c. 1982

Poster consists of orange and green print on off-white paper. Text at the top reads "California / Wildflower Show / Saturday, May 1, 1982 10am-5pm / Sunday, May 2, 1982 noon-6pm / Natural Sciences...


Color postcard with "Greetings from California" on the front. California is in large type with images from around the state inside each letter.

Back of card says "Western Publishing &...


Highway sign, made for Caltrans: "Welcome to California". It is rectangular, made of aluminum, with a printed layer in front which is laminated in plastic; the sign is dark blue with a white...


Large, white linen damask dinner napkin, with lettering reading "Southern Pacific" in a circle around the company logo of a sunset and railroad tracks. There are two borders, the larger one of...


Sheet music is white paper, with the music printed in black. Printed in peach color and green, the front page shows a drawn image of a man walking along a dirt road in a valley. Behind him is a...


poster. Description: Poster "Keep California Golden". Save the poppy project. California State Parks Foundation, San Francisco. Color poster showing sky, quals, poppies and distant...

California Poppy Footed Compote
c. 1933

This is a sterling silver footed compote with a relief design of a poppy flower over the interior surface.

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