pluralism - abstraction/minimalism


This is a sculpture that consists of a transparent smoky glass cube with metal stripping atop a clear Plexiglas rectangular base.

Love in Italian

APPROXIMATE DATE: 1967 This is a lavender-colored rectangular sculpture constructed from fiberglass covered plywood. The sculpture is orientated vertically and rests at an angle against a wall...

Free State

This large oil panting on canvas has a light grey metallic surface that is painted with a subtle texture of gestural lines and variable brushstrokes.


This is an oil painting on canvas. The entire surface is painted matte purple and the overall shape is rectangular with rounded top corners. Wooden molding frames the edge on the top and most of...

Untitled  (Red Line #56, Oct. 1969)

This is an acrylic painting on canvas that shows a minimalist composition of a narrow red "ribbon" painted on the canvas from top to bottom center against a white background. The...

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