Caves at Promontory

Photograph. Title: Over hanging Cliffs Promentory Caves Promentory (sic) Image Description: (s526) see Title Physical Description: Stereographic collodion glass plate negative. Sub. Cat.:...

Dragon Lady

Poster has a black printed background with a stylized, multicolor image of a dragon sitting in a cave with a naked woman straddling his tongue. Centered at the bottom of the poster is "Dragon Lady...

Streams Without Borders
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has brown painted edges slightly resembling wood enclosing a background image of a rock or a cave wall with crude drawings. At the top is "A Film By Coni Beeseon / Streams Without Borders...

Virgin Passage

Poster has a background that transitions from red at the top to pink/white at the bottom. Photo on the left side shows white stalagmites stained red in a cave. At the bottom right is "Virgin...

I Died For My Country
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster is printed on white paper. Poster is a leaflet from a newspaper or magazine and has text on the back discussion a variety of topics including socialism. On the front is a blue and white...

The wilderness underground: Caves of the Ozark PLateau
c. 1992

One black poster with a color photograph of a cave with clear teal water, white calcite deposits and reddish stalactites. Beneath the image in teal is "The Wilderness Underground" with a red Cave...

mid 20th century

A four page section removed from a sketchbook of Isaac Wallace Baker with six black and white photographs.

c. 1920s

Unused thick, fold-out booklet of postcards depicting various California scenes. The front of the booklet has a picture of "Torrey Pines Lodge and Torrey Pine" while the back features "Ramona's...


Stereo Photograph. Description: From "The Modoc War" series. Shows cave mouth. Albumen stereo. Muybridge's logo appears verso. 8.7cm x 17.6cm. Title: 1602 - Capt. Jack's Cave in the Lava...


Bound manuscript containing Isaac Wallace Baker's lecture notes on his California experiences, together with pencil and watercolor sketches, advertising broadsides and pasted-in photographs...

1853; mid 20th century

A three page section removed from a sketchbook of Isaac Wallace Baker with a print and two photographs.

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