gold rush - cased images

July, 1853

APPROXIMATE DATE: JUL, 1853 NOTES: Reproduced in BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY, by Geo. Craven, Prentice-Hall, Inc. 1974. ARTIST BIRTH: 1810


APPROXIMATE DATE: 1853 NOTES: Found on a slip of paper when case opened: James D. Parker, born Jan 17, 1820 in New Bedford Mass. This daguerreotype was taken for him...Dec 13, 1853. Robert Vance...


William Shew, one of the most famous American daguerreotypists of...


APPROXIMATE DATE: 1855 NOTES: Purchased by donor several years ago in California.


APPROXIMATE DATE: 1853 NOTES: Private collector and others believe that this is the only scene of the gold rush miner and cart in a gold rush scene of land, and not river mining.

c. 1855
c. 1851
c. 1852

Inez Brooks-Myers, History curator, points out that the frock coat is in the Chesterfield style, with a velvet collar.

Untitled (Eleven Men with Beards, Top Hats and Vests)

Images containing the very distinctive carpet seen in this daguerreotype are identified as being from the studio of William Shew

View of San Francisco, 1853

Purchased with funds received from the sale of 66.110.12 (Floral Still Life by H. Buchner); 66.110.13 (Still Life with Pink & Red Roses by L. Wagner) and 66.110.16 (Still Life by E. Ladell...


Baker was an employee of Batchelder.

Untitled (Portrait of an Indian Boy)
c. 1853
Untitled (Portrait of a Chinese Man)

NOTES: Handbook selection, 1984. Reproduced in Symbols of Democracy, filmstrip, Q-ED Productions, Inc. (Burbank, Ca.),1974.

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