Heaven lies about us in our children
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster consists of orange and black print on natural/cream paper. Image at the top half of poster depicts a child at the forefront with a damaged classroom behind him. Text under the image reads "...

Ms. B. Haven [ "misbehavin' "]
c. 1980

One yellow-green poster with black text. Image on the front of a partially nude woman sitting in a chair and holding a poster with the text "Ms. B. Haven, introducing SF's hottest tea dance every...

c. 1980

Poster is the inside page of the front cover of the magazine "Alternate: The Newsmagazine for Today's Gay America" November 1980, Volume III No. 15. Image is a black and white depiction of three...

Women of Hope, Amalia Mesa Bains

Multi-color poster on white paper shows a photograph aligned at top right of a woman with curled black hair wearing a black outfit with prominent jewelry. The woman stands behind a dressing table...

Esos Vecinos
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster consists of brown, red, blue, yellow, purple and orange print on white paper. Image depicts two bare chested male children sitting on a chair against a blue wall wearing skeleton masks.

Contes Des Quatre Vents
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster is printed on white/cream paper with black text and colored images. The top of the poster has black text that appears to be French, that reads: "Contes des quatre vents / bi lingues /...

Moe's Books In Berkeley Since 1959

Poster is printed with a stylized drawing overall. The drawing shows a room with a white floor and a red wall. There are large stacks of books on the floor at left; atop one stack is a bottle of...

Health is Wealth

Poster is printed with a black and white drawing overall. The drawing depicts a young boy and girl side by side in front of a blackboard, seen from behind the girl is seated in a chair while the...

untitled (Huey P. Newton)
c. 1966

Poster has a large black and white photograph of Huey Newton sitting on a chair holding a shotgun in one hand and a spear in the other.  The bottom center edge has a black panther.  ...

untitled (Huey Newton)

Poster is an image of Huey Newton of the Black Panther Party sitting in a wicker chair holding a spear in his left hand and a shotgun in his right.


This is one of the...

Upward Mobility: A False Promise

Poster has a sky background that fades from dark blue to a light blue. At the horizon are black buildings and construction equipment. Along the top is "CLASS" in large white lettering. Walking by...

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle

The poster has a stylized drawing of an older male figure sitting in a chair with an infant on his lap. The older man is wearing blue pants, a blue jacket, a green shirt, green shoes, and a brown...

Untitled (Mid-century Woman)

The poster has a black border overall. The poster has a stylized drawing of a female figure, she appears to be sitting on a mobile or sculpture, reminiscent of those made by Alexander Calder, with...

untitled (Huey P. Newton on a wicker peacock chair)
1967|late 20th century

This is a black and white poster that shows a photograph of Huey P. Newton sitting in a wicker fan-back or peacock chair. Newton is wearing a light button-down shirt and dark pants, shoes,...


This is a painting on a page of an old magazine (?). All that is visible from the page is the plate number (47) of the image that was once visible, and the title of the old image : "Nude by the...

 (Lucy Dodge Johnson)
 (Looking for Work)

from work print collection


Handwritten on back, "Bob Temps from San Jose with 'BASIL'". Image depicts Temps holding Basil and sitting in a chair. From the Oakland Tribune Collection


Image depicts Evelyn Eaton, Kay DeHart and Vivian Kinsel in a living room making dolls and stuffed animals. Many toys and plush animals are strewn about the room. From the Oakland Tribune...


Handwritten on back, "Mitchell Trimm looking at photo of Hitler part of decorations in meeting room". Image depicts Mitchell looking at Hitler poster in living room.


Drawing of a man sitting in a chiar with his legs crossed. The man is leaning back and has one hand resting on his leg, the other is resting on the arm of the chair. The man has on glasses, a...

circa 1920

Handwritten on front, "Earth quake remembered--- Dispatcher Michael Hadley was at work when the quake hit... Hadley plus other co-workers (Charles Soutter, John Stenner) were honored with...


From a copy of caption pasted to the back: "(CVTI]HOT [sic] SPRINGS, VA.May [sic] 24--PRESS MEET RUSSIANS--The Russian delegation at the United Nations food conference met the press today...

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