The Greek Experience

This is a gouache painting on paper that shows a woman on her hands and knees in the center of a kitchen floor with a pail, rag, and scrub brush beside her. A man in a toga and sandals stands...

untitled (street festival)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a mutlicolor, stylized image of a street festival, with people carrying signs with Greek text on them.

We Goddesses
c. 1999

This horizontally-oriented poster is titled "We Goddesses" in large, yellow text across the top edge. There are 3, detailed drawings of the Greek goddesses Athena, Aphrodite, and Hera across the...

untitled (ecology flag)
c. 1970

Poster is printed like a flag in green. On the right and bottom are green and white horizontal stripes and in the upper left is a yellow circle with a line.Ron Cobb created an ecology symbol which...

untitled (Greek Goddess of health statue)

Poster has a turquoise background with an image along the left of a statue. The staute is of a woman holding a snake. On the right is a caption. It reads, "Although snakes are feared and hated in...

untitled (Margaret Atwood poem)

Poster has an image of a bas releif with a woman's head holding wheat stalks in each hand. The top edge of the bas relief is scalloped. Below is "Last year I abstained without guilt/ This year I...


Depiction: A huge crowd is walking down a Greek street in commemoration of a political leader. Photo cpation reads, "Several thousand Greeks, following the classic marathon run, marched from...

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