Clayton Bailey

Mad Doctors Tea Set

Porcelain tea set in the form of a 'mad doctor'.  (A) Teapot resembles a male figure from the waist up, wearing a white coat, white collared shirt, and black tie.  The figure...


Teapot with blue-black glaze. (a) Body composed of smaller upper and larger lower section with multiple dials, knobs and faux screw heads. Teapot has cylindrical curved handle and a cylindrical...


This assemblage sculpture uses a car radio, sunvisors, speaker, and stearing whell form a '64 Mustang and resembles a flying insect.


Earthenware plate with lustre glaze. Plate has a hole at top center for hanging. Motif is of four raised fried eggs.


Earthenware sculpture of a seated figure with exposed spine, brain, eyes and veins on legs. Figure is holding a vertical purple cylindrical shape between its feet.


Glazed ceramic cup shaped like a face. Cup is green and there is an exterior seam extending from the forhead to the chin. Ears stick out the sides to be used as handles.


Large sculpture (A) of a wish bone, earthenware with low fire glaze, mounted to plywood with wire. Plywood has been stained brown and has four holes, one in each corner, for mounting to a wall....


Ceramic sculpture in the shape of a bottle with a knot in its neck. Bottle is beige and has what looks like a black screw top lid. Embossed words on the front are around the international symbol...


Black sculpted ceramic gun. Gun has both embossed and engraved printed text on one side that reads, "U.S. PATENT / GANGBANGER" and "PRESS." The other side has similar engraved text that reads, "...


Mixed media stoneware glazed sculpture. Sculpture is shaped like an upside down urn with a flat 'bottom' and handles. Embossed scull and crossbones are surrounded by text (read right side up)...

Dr. Gladstone's Snake Oil

Per curator Suzanne Baizerman - Jug of white clay with creeping glaze of yellowish brown. A take-off on the classic jug form, part of the world Bailey has created around the immaginary Dr....


Mixed media installation piece. Consists of a silver ceramic kiln (a), a black porcelain finished power supply (b), a white ceramic cone with black rubber bottom (c), a cylinder of copper wire...


This artwork consists of 2 ceramic gargoyles with belly buttons (?) that light up and a tape player.

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