oakland mole

c. 1880

Typed paper attached to back of photo, "S.P. Negative X-881, Oakland pier from top of terminal." Across the bottom of the photo, "1723 View of Oakland and Pier from top S.P.R.R....

c. 1906

Photo prints. Description: San Francisco Earthquake and Fire; (376) images split amongst 4 accession numbers. History: This collection has been split into several sections to reduce the number...


Southern Pacific Railroad, Pier & Mole, Oakland, Ca. 11/23/27. Two copy prints

Oak mole

c. 1910

Image is of the terminal, a few boats are around the boarders, and it looks like a blustry day (the ocean is choppy, and the sky very grey.


Caption on back "Naval and other projects have changed the scene somewhat around the Oakland, Western Pacific and Alameda moles, pictures from left to right. Ferry boats formerly carried...

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