ceramics movement

1940 - 1950

Shallow earthenware bowl on a small foot. The surface is glazed orange with light and darker shades of glaze splattered on the interior of the bowl.

1940 - 1950

Earthenware bowl on a small foot. The surface is glazed matte yellow.

1940 - 1950

Earthenware bowl on a small foot. The surface is glazed deep blue with a dark brown rim.


Exhibited at Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley, 1999 and at Works Gallery, Sonoma, 1997. Dimensions variable


ceramic icebucket

Rock Cup

Handbook selection, 1984.

c. 1960s

Glazed stoneware casserole dish. The sides of the dish are slightly concave and decorated with a pattern of alternating light and dark ovals against a cream background. A blue dome lid fits on...

Terra Cotta/Black No. 1

Slab built terra cotta sculpture has a cylindrical form that is similar to a log. The surface is light brown with a black rectangular area covering an upward turned "branch".


This is a teapot with multi-color circular and linear designs. (A) base with a cylindrical form in the shape of an upside-down V. (B) chamber of teapot with handle and spout. (C) lid with handle...


Per S.B. - Footed, tall lidded jar; stoneware. An example of Voulkos' series of "faces vases." Galzes: faces are blue, gold lustre defines lower half of face and neck. Black glazes have...


Earthenware vase with luster glaze decorated with a female figure and teal geometric designs.

c. 1955

This is a cylindrical ceramic vessel with slightly convex sides and a narrow elongated opening. The surface is covered with off-white glaze and decorated with a blue colored fish motif.


This is a ceramic teapot with under and overglazes. The base is terra-cotta colored with South-American designs. The lid of the teapot forms the base for a sculpture of an ocellated turkey.


Made at the Los Angeles County Art Institute (formerly the Otis College of Art); Fired to cone 6; Verified by Peter Voulkos on 3/25/01 as one of the earliest "Stack" forms (from Frank Lloyd of...


Per S.B. - Slab constructed boat with figures. Made with holders for candles. Footed boat is made in three tiers; irregular polygons are decorated with peg-like holders for candles. These holders...


This is a ceramic Trompe l'Oeil sculpture of a light brown leather bag with dark leather trim, a zipper closure, and two handles.

Pot with Lid and Repeating Design

Per S.B. - Cookie jar (lidded vessel) with wide neck and broad shoulder; stoneware; shiny cocoa brown and matt black glazes on exterior, white glaze interior. Body: carved as a repeating pattern...

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