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Featured collections (e.g. Mathews, Costume, etc.)
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The site provided useful information about individual artifacts presented
The site provided useful information about the museum’s collections
The site was difficult to navigate
The site drew me in
The records were grouped in a way that made it easy to find what I was searching for
The search tools returned the results I was looking for


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The site didn’t provide anything new for me about the cultural heritage of California.
I want to know more about California’s Art, History, and Natural Environment now that I visited the site.
I read through most of the written instructions
I’d like to return to the site and continue exploring it later.
The web site taught me about Californians' artistic, historical, and scientific achievements.
The additional notes and information associated with each record were useful for my understanding of the object.
The zoom features were helpful
The site loaded in a reasonable amount of time
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