Junction of Rails, Promontory
Echo Canyon from Temple Rock
Snow and Timber, White Pine Canyon
Before Laying the Last Rail, Promontory, Utah
Distant View of Fremont Hotel
Rainstorm on Spectre Lake
Churches, Cheyenne
Temple Rock Canyon
North Platte Machine Shops from North West
Dead Fall, Promontory
Distant View of Great Trestle
Cribwork Bridge, Green River
Beaver Dam, Parley's Park
Dale Creek Bridge from Above
Distant View of Rawlings
Passenger Coach, UPRR
North Platte Looking East
Great Trestle Bridge, with Engine
Legislative Halls, Cheyenne
Lookout Peak, Black Hills
Coalville, Birds Eye View
Looking up the Weber from Side of Mountain Above Tunnel No. 3
Depot Buildings, Wasatch
Grand Prairie View near Grand Island
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