Imperial collodion glass plate negative

On the Mountains, Green River, Smith's Rock in Foreground
Great Cut, Bitter Creek
High Bluff, Black Buttes
Valley of the Great Laramie from the Mountains
Smith's Rock, Green River Valley
Granite Canyon, Embankment in Foreground
Construction Train End of Track near Bear River, General Casement's Outfit
Side Cut, Green River, Carmichael's Work
Carmichael's Camp, Bitter Creek Valley
Dale Creek Bridge, Perspective View
Malloy's Cut near Sherman Station
Bitter Creek Valley, No. 3 Panorama
Dale Creek from Above, No. 2
Monument Rock near Mouth of Echo Canyon
Carmichael's Cut, Bitter Creek Valley
Valley of the Little Laramie from Sheet Mountains
General Grant and Party at Fort Sanders
General Grant and Party at Fort Sanders, Summer of '68
Among the Timber of Laramie Mountains, Head of Little Laramie
Laramie Shops Rear View from Southwest
Residence of Brigham Young
Narrows of the Weber, No. 4
Camel Rock near Beauford Station U.P.R.R.
Miller and Patterson's Camp at Tunnel No. 2, Head of Echo Canyon
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