offset lithograph

Free the S.F. State Strikers
untitled (man speaking toward the sky)
Get Stoned Shoot Junk
Merry Christmas
Production and Reduction
Lookit Mommy!
The Changing Economics of News
Rush Scores
Smut Fest
Jane Fonda in Oakland
The Inner Workshops: Teachings of the Ascended Masters
The Last Man
One More Time
Harvest Fair
untitled (man out of window)
Support The People's War In Peru
Su Paz es Nuestra Paz [Your peace is our peace]
1983-84 Volunteer Work Brigades to Nicaragua
Nicaragua: Mi Tierra El Mundo Mi Vida
Celebrate the 2nd Year of the Nicaraguan Revolution July 19
El Salvador Will Win!!  Gabino Palomares in Concert.
Guatemala: The Land Of Eternal Repression
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