figure ~ male

untitled (judge explaining rules of the court to defendant)
International Art Show 1 for defense of political prisoners
Let my hands sing
The fly freeride
Free at last!
untitled (T. Trantino 41608 Death House)
Cyrano de Bergerac
Laurent Clerc
The Great Psychiatric Front
untitled ( Norhtern California War Tax Resistance, man with infant)
untitled (revolutionary soldier)
BARC in the park festival
In A Nuclear War There Will Be No Survivors
PVT. Johnson
G.I. Joe 2004 World Convention Tour
Right now American schools need more than $100 billion in repairs.
Americans At Thier Best. Army National Guard
April 15: 49% War Tax
California Land and Water: History, Politics & Culture
Berkeley Earth Day
People's Earth Day
Earth day around the bay
Berkeley Earth Day '80
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