Untitled (On the Bones of the Oppressors)
20 in. HIGH x 13.5 in. WIDE
All Of Us Or None Archive. Gift of the Rossman Family.

The lower left corner has: "Revolutionary art by / Minister of Culture / Emory". The bottom edge center has a Black Panther logo. The lower right corner has: "Ministry Of Information / P.O. Box 2967, Custom House / San Francisco, CA 94126". To the right of the figure in the drawing is: "Emory '69'".

The poster has a stylized drawing overall. The lower right corner of the drawing has a male figure shown from the chest up, rendered almost entirely in black with highlights of white and orange. The figure is holding a gun high in the air in his right hand. The figure is wearing a beret and has an angered facial expression. The background of the drawing has gray and blue lines that seem to emanate from somewhere behind the figure. The lower left corner of the drawing has the text: " 'Only On The Bones / Of The Oppressors / Can The People's / Freedom Be Founded -- / Only The Blood Of The / Oppressors Can Fertilize / The Soil For The People's / Self-Rule.".

The quotation is from Stalin, 1905.[LMC]

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