David Gilhooly


Glazed ceramic sculpture in seven parts is composed of a large green frog that sits amongst oil puddles. Black glaze appears dripped from the frog's nostrils down its face. Six circular ceramic...

Baby Osiris Cookie Jar

Glazed ceramic sculpture includes a figure with a round body, short arms and legs, and a brown pointed beard on its chin. The figure's head is thrown back with its large mouth open at top....


Glazed ceramic sculpture of a dog with shaggy coat and small pointed ears. (a) The dog lies with head raised and its tongue sticking slightly out of its mouth. The surface of the dog is glazed...

Sandwich Platter
late 20th century

This is a ceramic depicting a large sandwich platter with several sandwiches on it


Wheel thrown ceramic bowl (A) with lid (B). Both have a dark green glaze. Lid is sculpted on top with a hippopotamus head in the center surrounded by lily pads and frogs.

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