untitled (String Basket)
Late 20th Century

This is a small bowl made from cotton string. The bowl's multiple black and tan string spokes are reinforced with paper fiber through the sides of the bowl and hang over the rim approx 2-3...


Crocheted synthetic raffia basket sculpture. Has varying sized baskets in pale blue, lavender, brown and green attached to one another at odd angles.


This is a mixed media assemblage of primarily red and tan yarn wrapped around a wood and styrofoam structure.

Styrofoam core with cardboard tube. The core and tube are wrapped with yarns (...


Rounded green glass sculpture. Surface says "gas" 10 times. Also says "70" on top. Inside circles of "gas" words are circles of 5 stars.


Untitled ceramic sculpture of stoneware, reduction fired with black and white engobe surrounding opening in upper portion of the piece.

late 20th century to early 21st century

This is a textile and mixed media sculpture of a ball of string. The form is created with a polystyrene form wrapped with fine strands of hemp. The ball is dip dyed with the majority of the...


White cardboard box (inner portion of an acrylic box frame?) with a green glazed folded copper rectangle, in the shape of an envelope, mounted to the top center. Fred Ball has signed beneath the...

late 20th century

This is a sculpture in the form of a wooden sphere that is covered with gesso and incised with geometric designs. Dark oil paint is forced into the incised designs. A hole is drilled into one...


House form on stand with religious symbols. Glass is from the Dead Sea (per Sue Baizerman).


This is a metal sculptire of a seated Buddha figure


Mixed media installation piece. Consists of a silver ceramic kiln (a), a black porcelain finished power supply (b), a white ceramic cone with black rubber bottom (c), a cylinder of copper wire...

20th century-21st century

Sculpture of a bowl with two spheres inside. Above bowl and around speres is vertical gridded screening. a) maroon vessel b) black vessel with lip c) small black vessel d) large gray vessel e)...


This artwork consists of 2 ceramic gargoyles with belly buttons (?) that light up and a tape player.


White clay slip cast earthenware sculpture with clear glaze. Sculpture is in the shape of a bolt. It is hollow and could also be used as a cup or a glass.


Two piece blue glazed ceramic cube that disassembles. One side meets in perpendicular lines. The other in vertical and diagonal lines. Creates a vertical rectangular cube sculpture when joined...


Ceramic sculpture shaped like a six sided rock. Brightly colored glazes are painted on to form squares, lines, dots, stripes, letters and hearts. Colors include blue, red, yellow, gold, orange...

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