Quitate La Venda
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a black printed background. At the top is "Quitate / La Venda" in white. Neat the cente r is an image of a white ribbon or strip of tape, torn at the center, revealing a pair of brown...

Trade Off

Poster has an image at right of a figure in a green head covering with blue tape over her mouth and a white sign attached to her head covering reading "Who''s Taking Over / No Corporate Control"....

Bugged by U.S. Government?

Poster has a dark blue background with a light blue and gray image in the center. The image shows a body that is in shadow reaching forward with a reel of magnetic computer tape in one hand. On...

c. 1980s

This card features the image of a "computer tape library," metal shelves with rolls of tape stored on them.

c. 1980s

This card features two circles, the one on the proper right is white, the one on the proper left is red. The image is called: "magnetic tape drive."


Handwritten on back, "World of Wonder Fremont Dave Small- Director of Engineering holds up hi tech [sic] Teddy Ruxpin model." Image depicts Small holding up a board with circuitry...

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