patent model

Patent model, Spring Bed, 1870, made of wood frame with metal springs and a fabric finish.

Patent model for a rocking sofa, bed and crib, patented in 1871. It is made of wood, with two pillows in a brown fabric. The sofa's back unolds down to create a bed; the crib is attached ot the...

August 14, 1866

Patent model, Beer Cooler, metal and wood, August 14 ,1866

Patent model, Bread Machine,

Patent model, Detergent Apparatus, brass and wood.

December 18, 1866

Patent model, Circular saw mill, December 18, 1866, by J. Davis, inventor. It is made of metal and wood.

Patent model, for a Typesetting machine, by

Patent model, Horse Hair Clipper


Patent model, Wagon Platform, 1884, number 306.426.

Oct 3, 1871

Patent model, Rat and Mouse Trap, by L. F. Geroge, October 3, 1871

January 4, 1870

Patent model, Washing Machine, made of wood and braas, patented on January 4, 1870, by L. B. Hartt.

July 19, 1859

Patent model, Stove, made of meatl (steel?), July 19, 1859 by J.C. Henderson


Patent model for an Oil Stove, non explosive, 1879. Made of metal.

August 28,1866

Patent model, skate, made of steel, by William Sutton, inventor, in August 28, 1866.

September 10, 1870

Patent model. Collar folding machine, made of wood, brass, metal. Patent number 107,399, it is to smock paper collars. G.E. Moore, inventor, Sept. 10, 1870

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