Greater Oakland


Series of names written on the back of the photograph may be the people shown in the photograph, however the order of the names and the images don't correspond.

ca. 1910-1916

(on banners) "Franklin School, 1913" class portrait; (on back) Oct. 1, 1912, Henry Perry, Fred Irvin, Jodie Vandivill, Lester Green, Raymond Dowl, Derlo, Roy MacDonald, James R. Rhorer, Dorothy...


"Franklin School, 1915", class portrait; (on back) "March 8, 1915, Elliot Pugh, Sanford Wheeler, Roy Moore, Wilford Sprague, Roy MacDonald, Ralph Tobey, Gordon Steck, Edward Culbertson, Chester...


"Franklin School, 1916", class portrait; (on back) "November, 1916, Miss Findley's class, 6B; Miss Findley, Sanford Wheeler, Mayne Dobler, Roy McDonald, Elliott Pugh, Howard Wright, Kenneth Dowe,...

Ca. 1912; "Romeo Gau, 2nd rowe frome top 4th frome left"


"Allendale School, Oakland, 1916". Photograph. Description: children in front of Allendale School - including donor's brother Hugo Weitz photo.


"Melrose School, 1915"; (note P.P.I.E. banner held by children in first row). Mounted photograph. Description: Mounted photograph, 5th grade class--Melrose Grammar school in the PPIE year, 1915...


"Allendale School, Oakland, 1916"; "From left to right are - Wildemar Gundersen, Francis Pillsbury, Miss E. A. Prebles, Ruth Quellick, Mr. Allison, Greta Ohlson, Ruth Russell, George Dechard,...


"Allendale School, Oakland, 1916". Photograph. Description: School children, Allendale School - Hugo Weitz photo.

Per the MacArthur Metro, April 1995: "Turn-of-the-century Allendale,...

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