Mother Lode Inn
circa 1850

This is a watercolor, gouache, and graphite painting on paper. The composition shows a rural landscape with tall trees and several gable roof buildings connected by dirt roads. A figure leads a...

early 20th century

Six original paper mats with signatures: A) Paper mat, 15" x 12.125", Signature/Inscription: "Saga of a Storm -" BL, handwritten in graphite; "Anne Brigman / 1942 -...


Receipt from Chapel of Memories Columbarium and Crematorium to Oscar Maurer for payment of "Frederick Maurer" crematorium service fee. The receipt is dated 12/8/47 and records a payment of $47.40...


Graphite drawing on paper of an older male figure seen from the shoulders up. The man is drawn with his eyes closed and head angled downward wearing a jacket and bowtie. "Dec. / Oscar /...

Make Cambodia Nixon's Last Stand
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on yellow paper.

A Day for Women's Rights: Ratify the Era
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster consists of a purple, red and orange print in the shape of 3/4 of a circle with a smaller sunrise coming out of the top of the circle on yellow paper. Text within image reads "A / Day For...

Women and Mental Health: Restoring Our Spirits

This poster features a black, abstract drawing of a woman in the bottom left corner. It advertises the "Women''s Health Series: / Women and Mental Health: / Restoring Our Spirits" forum at U.C....

Harriet Tubman
Late 20th Early 21st Century

This poster is on thick, textured paper. It features an illustration of an elderly woman with a gray cloak wrapped around her head. She is visible from the shoulders up. Her face is brown and her...

En Ser Ella Being She
c. 1985

Poster consists of red text on a light blue background. Image in the center depicts two female figures whose legs and arms form tree roots (yellow outline in red) against a purple/blue background...

Irish / Problem
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

This is hand-drawn and painted poster of a male figure holding a green doc with the words "Irish / Problem" written on it. The man wears a yellow top hat with the British flag on it. He has red...

Self Portrait
mid 20th century

Self portrait by artist Mine Okubo in ink and graphite on paper. The image shows a young woman with her hair in two braids wearing a coat. The figure's upper torso is visible in the...


This is an ink drawing with watercolor and graphite on paper. The image contains a landscape with a gray large telescope lying at upper right surrounded by bare ground with rocks, green plants,...


This is a drawing in charcoal, colored pencil, and graphite on paper that contains an image of a group of people river rafting. A man wearing a blue hat holds a green and yellow oar in the...

Theophilus Brown

Portrait style drawing of man. The man has narrow eyes and a strong jaw line. He is wearing a collared shirt and is drawn from the shoulders up. There are dark shadows on his right side.

c. 1981

Portrait style drawing of a man (Robert Bechtle) in profile. The man is looking off to the right of the paper. He is balding on the top of his head and has a large bushy beard. He is wearing a...

c. 1981

Drawing of a man seated in the lower right corner drawing a female model who is seated in the center. The man is holding a cigarette in one hand and is drawn from behind. The model is nude and is...


Drawing of a man (Wayne Thiebaud) seated on a stool drawing. In front of him is a woman seated on a stool with her hands in her lap. The left of the man is another still with a glass, several...


Rough sketch drawing of a man seated in a chair. The man has his legs crossed and one hand resting on his leg. The man is wearing a button down shirt with a jacket and glasses.


Drawing of a man seated in a folding chair. He is wearing a jacket and long pants. He has on dark glasses and has a dark goatee. He is leaning on his right arm on the chair.


Drawing of a man sitting in a chiar with his legs crossed. The man is leaning back and has one hand resting on his leg, the other is resting on the arm of the chair. The man has on glasses, a...


Portrait drawing of Wayne Thiebaud. He is drawn with his head turned slightly to the left. He has an outline of a collared shirt with v-neck sweater. He is also wearing glasses.


Drawing is of a man, Wayne Thiebaud, standing behing and easel. He is wearing a striped sweater over a collared shirt. He has one hand in his pocket and the other is behind the easel. In the...

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