Bruce Kaiper ~ artist | Praxis Posters ~ printer

The Greatest Show on Earth? The Commodity Fetish

Poster has a purple background with white text. In the center is a window that is outlined in turquoise with two signs on either side. The signs read, "The Mechanics of Everyday Life." Behind the...

If there is a fuel shortage, make the big fuel companies carry our burden!

Poster is divided in halves by two images. The top image has a gray background with blue and white images and has a gas pump on the right with a sign that reads, "Sorry! We are out of gas." On the...

Bugged by U.S. Government?

Poster has a dark blue background with a light blue and gray image in the center. The image shows a body that is in shadow reaching forward with a reel of magnetic computer tape in one hand. On...

Cut Out Women's Work! Demand Job Equality

Poster has a red background at the top with white text and a gray background at the bottom with white text. The upper half has three women, one is walking, the other is holding pointing, and the...

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