mills seminary

ca. 1885

photographic Illustrations of the Pacific Coast. Helios Flying Studio. California- illustrated by Edw. J. Muybridge. #1127 Mills Seminary, Seminary Park, Alameda County.

March 20, 1872

Bill. Description: Bill from Seminary Park to Mr. Casebolt for tuition, board and lessons in piano, French and drawing for his daughters, Virginia and Etta = $220.00.


Graphic etching. Description: Page from unknown periodical containig on one side an advertisement for Mills Seminary, term to commence 8-3-71. Reverse has ad for stereoscopic views of Yosemite...


Program for the Commencement Exercises in 1884 for Mills Seminary. Single folded sheet of paper with public transportation instructions on the front and program on speakers on the inside.

Photograph, Early Oakland. "Mills Seminary for girls. It developed into Mills College"

(G. Weininger, 6/2002) from Oakland Heritage Alliance News, Summer 1985, pp.1-5, Aaron Gallup:


Photograph, Horse car "Mills Seminary"

Apr, 1887
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