Blair Stapp

untitled (Huey P. Newton)
c. 1966

Poster has a large black and white photograph of Huey Newton sitting on a chair holding a shotgun in one hand and a spear in the other.  The bottom center edge has a black panther.  ...

untitled (Huey Newton)

Poster is an image of Huey Newton of the Black Panther Party sitting in a wicker chair holding a spear in his left hand and a shotgun in his right.


This is one of the...

untitled (Huey P. Newton on a wicker peacock chair)
1967|late 20th century

This is a black and white poster that shows a photograph of Huey P. Newton sitting in a wicker fan-back or peacock chair. Newton is wearing a light button-down shirt and dark pants, shoes,...

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