Black and white photograph of a woman holding a large tabby cat. Her face is partially obstructed by the cat's head. She has blonde hair and one drop-earring visible on her right side. She is...

Untitled (African woman)

This poster has a 1.5 inch white margin around a black and white illustration of an African woman seen from the shoulders up. She is wearing strings of white beads around her neck and long...

c. 1985

Poster consists of black print on white paper. In the top right corner is a 1985 calendar. In the center is the image of a woman sitting cross legged with her hands between her legs and wearing...

Artwork from It Ain't Me Babe, An All-Girl Comic

Poster printed with black ink on yellow paper contains an image of a nude woman with large wavy hair. The woman is wearing large horse earrings, a necklace with a geometric-floral motif, and...

Pink Flamingos
c. 1973

One movie poster with the image of the drag queen Divine. Divine is depicted staniding on a white cloud in a pink dress with a gun in her right hand and big dangling earring. In the top left...

untitled (two men with heads together)
c. 1993

Poster consists of black print on yellow paper. Image depicts a man with and earring a beard with his forehead against another smiling man with an earring and a necklace.

The Head (Susan Taylor, As Model)

Black and white poster shows a reproduction of a photographic portrait of Susan L. Taylor photographed from the back. Taylor turns her head to the right so that her face is in profile. She has a...

La Ofrenda

This is a print of a woman sitting with her back to the observer, she is wearing a purple cristal drop earring. On her back is a tatoo of the Virgin Mary.There is a hand shown holding a rose in...


From "Miller, Ann Actress Is Mrs. Reese L. Milner" folder. From caption on back of photograph: "Ann Miller, Always a trooper." From back of photograph: "Ann Miller, Sugar Babies, Orpheum Oct....


From "Bartell, Harry, Ala.Co.Supervisor" folder. From caption on back of photograph: "Anniversary fete - Former Alameda County Supervisor and Mrs. Harry Bartell will celebrate their 53rd wedding...


Depiction: Close up of a young white man holding two candles in his hand in the shape of a V. His arms are crosed. He wears a leather jacket, a mask and gold earrings. He is part of a protest in...


Handwritten on back "Rocky & Bullwinkle June Foray- Voice of Rocky, Natasha, et al". Image is a portrait of Foray.


The caption that ran with the picture when it was published has been pasted to the back, and reads, "Mildred Bailey [Mildred has been crossed out, and written next to the snippet is Pear] who has...


Handwritten on back, "Gail Hardy Oakland-Piedmont Municipal Court Commissioner". Image is a portrait of Hardy, the Oakland cityscape behind her.


Handwritten on back, "(L) Tania Prebble, and (R) Bobbi Holldorf have a poster of the New Kids on the Block signed by NKOB member Donnie Wahlberg backstage before the show Prebble and...


Handwritten on back, "Tracy Pitts, a future resident of Amandala House, finds the kitchen to her liking." Image depicts Pitts looking over the kitchen approvingly.


Handwritten on back: "City Hall - Petaluma Centennial L-R Mrs [sic] Edward Fratini Peter M. Tripp - vice Mayor [sic] Albert Bahnsen Judge- Roland Webb- Petaluma Justice Court Mrs [sic]...


From back, "Nicole Beaudreaux, age 24, for Diana Kim exit poll story" Image is a portrait of Ms. Beaudreaux.


From back "Vicky R. Manning, age 37, for Diana Kim exit poll story, at Kings Estates Junior High School voting place."


Handwritten on back, "Phylis Brown Highland Hospital Spokeswoman" Image is a portrait of Brown.

Image depicts Riles and Harris at a table with microphones on it.

From back, "Wilson Riles Jr. at Campaigh [sic] headquart-ers [sic] in Oakland" Image depicts an energetic Riles, a nearby reporter, and many supporters.


Handwritten on back, "Lynn Waldon-Wais Short-Hair Story:". Image is a portrait of Waldon-Wais.


Handwritten on back, "Lynn Waldon-Wais". Image is a portrait of Waldon-Wais.

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