Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has black ink printed on white paper with a dark image of a sailboat run aground across the Bay from San Francisco, with the mast forming a cross. At the top of the poster is "Faith".

Christopher Columbus and the Spanish Exploration of the Indies

Poster has a light purple/gray printed background. At the top is a blue and beige stylized image of a ship with a large sail on water. At the bottom of the poster is "Christopher Columbus / and...

Bread and Puppet: The passion of Chico Mendes

Poster with blue and green print on white paper. "Bread & Puppet" across the top. Beneath is an image of a green boat with a large blue sail. On the sail is an image of a tree with different...

The Boston Tea Party

Poster is printed with a reproduction of "The Boston Tea Party" lithograph by Joseph Hirsch. The image shows a male figure in foreground. The figure is dressed in a blue shirt with a large belt, a...

Peter Pam
c. 1976

One pink poster with black print. Center image of poster depicts a female Peter pan holding a microphone whose cord spells out "Peter Pam" and connects to the pirate ship behind her. "Trina" is...

The Clube da Esquina

Poster is printed on orange paper with green and pink ink. In the center is a background image of a green sail with pink text. On the sail is "Clube da Esquina/ Particpie en el "Bloco" del centro...

c. 1875
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