Three copies of a typewritten two paragraph obituary for Oscar Maurer on onion skin paper.


Two typewritten drafts of an obituary for Oscar Maurer on onion skin paper. (A) One paragraph (B) Several sentences with corrections in blue ballpoint pen.

In memory of Ida Brayman

Poster is printed overall with what appears to be a reproduction of a newspaper obituary. The top of the poster has the text: "In Memory Of / Ida Brayman / 17 Years Old". The center of the poster...

ca. 1900-1968

Obituaries for nurses and doctors associated with healthcare at Fabiola and Peralta Hospitals thru out their history


1. Four letters to Elsie Whitaker Martinez, from Frederick H. Meyer from February, 1943.

2. "Excerpts from letters - concerning Xavier Martinez" (compilation of letters from various...


1. Two typed letters from Frederick H. Meyer to Martinez from 1942.

2. Two newspaper clippings regarding the death of Laetitia S. Meyer, the wife of Frederick H. Meyer, from Dec. 1947....

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