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Basket hat from the lower Klamath River Indians, most likely Hupa. Excellent condition on the outside, but soiled on the interior. PCK

Basket, coiled, (bowl). Redbud and fern root decoration (?). "Poma Tribe, Lake Co.: Treasure basket; 1911."(donor cat.) "Probably Western Mono (or Yokuts)."(Dawson,65) "...

ca. 1910-1918

Yokuts coiled bottleneck basket, of characteristic form, woven on a deergrass bundle foundation in sedge, brakenfern root, and redbud with a polychrome design of a three "rattlesnake"...

late 19th, early 20th century

Basket. Material: Native fiber; Shape: Round; Color: Brown with beige design; Period or Date: Over 70 years old - donor; Country: America; Site: California. Description: California Indian foo...

Basket hat, twined weave, very fine. red and black decoration. slip made when material received dated 10/5/36

"Elevated twined weave at top and near rim. Traditional placement of design...

late 19th, early 20th century

Basket, open work weave From the History Information Station: "Object: Basket made by open twining. It was collected among the lower Klamath River peoples, and dates to the late 19th or...

late 19th, early 20th century

Trinket (crossed out) basket, twined weave, old. Used for dipping soup from the cooking basket. From the History Information Station "Object: Basket made by twining, using split pine root (...

late 19th, early 20th century

Stirring paddles, wood

"Oak, probably tan oak. Well used, lots of burn marks." (George Blake, 9/95)

Baskets, skull caps "Apcans". Sept. 23, 1911. One sent to Am. Mus. Nat. Hist.-Exch.

"Twined weave of pine root; overlay design in beargrass and maidenhair fern. Traditional design in...


Basket trays, coarse open weave. Sept. 23, 1911. One sent. Exchanged with Am. Mus. Nat. Hist.

late 19th, early 20th century

Baskets, bowls for eating soup

"Twined with design in beargrass. Two elevated rows of three-ply twined weaving at center and one at base. Fair - good condition.(Reggiardo,1/79)[vv,6/91]...

Basket, twined, (tray). Design in squaw grass.

"The basket tray is made of tule sheath with beargrass overlay. It was made for sale and was does not seem to be from Alaska as stated."(...


Eel skinner, elkhorn

"Made of elk leg bone." (G. Blake, 9/95)

Basket cap, twined weave

"Traditional design in three sections. Excellent condition."(Reggiardo,2/79)[vv,6/91]

late 19th century to early 20th century

This is a ink, gouache, and gold leaf drawing on paper of orange poppy flowers in a tall goblet.

c. 1899

This is an oil painting on wood panel that shows a self-portrait by Lucia K. Mathews. "Lucia's 'Self-Portrait' probably dating from 1899 in Paris and her only known example, is...

1940 - 1950

Earthenware bowl on a small foot. The surface is glazed matte yellow.

1940 - 1950

Shallow earthenware bowl on a small foot. The surface is glazed orange with light and darker shades of glaze splattered on the interior of the bowl.


This is a round turned wood bowl with a short base made from Mexican cocobolo wood.


APPROXIMATE DATE: 1925 NOTES: Handbook Selection, 1984. ARTIST BIRTH: 1891 ARTIST DEATH: 1949


# 1 of an edition of 25


"Conceived as a three-panel window within-a-window: a dense blue framing border, decorated with medallions of magnolia blossoms surmounted by an emblematic phoenix, surrounds an imaginary hilltop...


Carved stump of redwood with burl

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