Breaking the Silence

Across the bottom of the poster is "to mark 10 years of dictatorship 10 years of resistance 10 years of solidarity" with the Spanish translation across the top, all in brown. At the top left...

untitled (Arabic tapestry)

Poster printed on white paper with an image of a tapestry showing a map of the Middle East in green, red and yellow with Palestinian flags over the nation and in the sea. Red and white borders all...

Catch a Dreamer, Catch the Dream

Multi-colored poster on white paper shows a reproduction of a tapestry on a gray background. The tapestry fills the upper three-quarters of the page and shows a figure in blue reaching up toward...

Asians in Minnesota

Poster is printed on white paper. Poster has a yellow backgroud with a geometric design around the edges. At the top of the is yellow and blue text that reads: "Asians in Minnesota / Enriching the...


From the caption that ran with this photo, "Bobby Seale pledges his return as an activist for Eastbay's [sic] downtrodden." Image depicts Seale speaking to an unseen crowd.


Photo shows a bedroom in the Delger mansion. On the right side of the room in front of a window is a dressing table with an attached oval mirror. In the corner is a large bed with an elaborate...


Photo shows a room in the Delger mansion with a steam radiator in one corner and an upholstered chaise lounge with curved back (Eastlake Lounge?). An embroiderd pillow rests at the head of the...


Photo depicts: A young white man sits on a large tapestry blanket spread out on dirt at the bottom of some steps. He's sitting crosslegged and smoking a cigarette.

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