Michelle Vignes
Native Images
From the Source
Tutavoh: Learning the Hopi way
Images Of The Mexican Revolution
E.Z.L.N: The Other Face Of Mexico
Images Of The Mexican Revolution
Two Contemporary Cuban Artists
Casa De Espantos
Cuba Libre
Ocho Mujerers En Las Artes Plasticas
Ground Zero
American Posters of Protest 1966-1970
The Artist and the Poster: A Two-projector slide talk by prominent poster artist Lance Hidy
Oregon Printmakers
Typoart, Plakatu
Posters on the Myths and Realities of the Immigrant Experience
Poster Art of the Soviet Union
Freedom of the Press: 1960s to the Present Poster from Progressive Printshops
Photography from Within: At Lincoln Center
Catch a Dreamer, Catch the Dream
Children's Fire Art Exhibition
Weeping in the playtime of others: Exhibition on child abuse
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