6 in HIGH x 9.12 in WIDE
(15.24 cm HIGH x 23.16 cm WIDE)
The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers

Two clippings from the Oakland Tribune are affixed to the back of this photo; both are dated with a rubber stamp that fixes the date of publication. The first, dated Jun 4, 1944, reads: "The bitter fight over locatio0n of the county seat was settled temporarily in 1873 when affairs of Alameda County were directed from these buildings on East 14th Street and 20th Avenue. The court room and other offices were in the frame buidling in front while the brick structure at the side was the 'fire proof' Hall of Records. Both buildings are now being remodeled to house families of war workers." The second clipping reads "Temporary Brooklyn Court House, 1873-74 was at East 14th Street and 20th Avenue. Rear iron shuttered building, partly brick and 'fire proof' was Hall of Records and jail." A handwritten notation also on the back reads "County Seat #1 Court House" What is shown in the photo is a two-storey wood frame building that, at the time the photo was taken, housed the M & M Broom Mfg Co. A four door autombobile is parked on 20th Ave. The building's entrance is on East 14th St., as evidenced by the streetcar tracks. The building rests on a brick foundation, and it has iron bars on the windows. The building at rear (right center) is two storeys tall. At ground level one can still see the brick facade and the iron shutters, appropriate for a jail and Hall of Records, while the upper storey is a wood frame affair with bay windows and a cupola which, as the 1944 clipping says, has been remodeled for war workers' housing. This building too rests on a brick foundation.

Used: Oakland Tribune

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