This cotton knit T-shirt by Hanes is extra large in size and was sold by Mr. Boxer, in Las Vegas, NV. for $18.50 plus tax. Printed on the front of the oatmeal or natural colored shirt, in black are images of Muhammad Ali, Antonio Inoki, Pat Patterson and Andre the Giant. The lettering reads"Friday June 25 - 7PM, Oakland Auditorium, Closed Circuit TV, FIGHT OF THE CENTURY, Muhammad ALI (boxer) vs Antonio INOKI (wrestler); Chuck WEPNER (boxer) vs Andre The GIANT (wrestler) U.S. Heavyweight Wrestling Champion; Pat PATTERSON vs Great FUJI; one other natch. Tickets: $10. $15. Bass Ticketron. Horwinski Printing Co. - Oakland, CA (510) 562-5656."

Used: adult | Unisex | Leisure | Mr. Boxer | Boxing

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