Children's Activities
April, 1947
13.75 in HIGH x 10.5 in WIDE x .25 in DEEP
(34.92 cm HIGH x 26.67 cm WIDE x .63 cm DEEP)
Gift of H. Nona Hungate

For Home and School - Directed Play - Moulds Character

April, 1947 issue of "Children's Activities...For Home and School...Directed Play, Moulds Character." There are several pages for children to color. There's a paper doll page "This is Long Tom" and "Camelia" his pig, from a story by Ruth Bishop Juline, illustrated by Esther Friend. There are several stories, several puzzles, poems, etc. and another adventure of "Little Brown Bear" by Elizabeth Upham, illustrated by Guy J. Brown. Many things relate to Easter including a "Something To Do" by Marie Barten (featuring umbrellas, Easter baskets and bunnies), "Lady Rabbit" words by Alice Whitson Norton, music by May F. Lawrence, "Fiddle De Fun Shadow Box" by Elza de la Ramee McDole (a bunny decorating eggs), "Easter Party Ideas" (Nut cup and place cards of a hen, chick and bunny) by Grace West Staley, "An Easter Greeting Card" by Sophie B. Mathewson and Elsie Winzer, "A Bunny That Rolls Its Eyes" by Lucile Ropsencrans and "A Bunny on Wheels" by C. J. Maginley. There are a few pages of advertising, including the inside and outside of the back cover, including an ad for a Donald Duck Camera. There are also strories about El Salvador, a donkey, "Indian Boy on Cayuga Lake" by Helen Stone Peterson, illustrated by Herbert Joseph, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and New Mexico, and how to make a wrist purse by Ruth K. Imhoff.

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