1972 League Champions E. Bercovich
18.5 in HIGH
(46.99 cm HIGH)
Sam Bercovich

A large, silver colored baseball player stands at bat on top of a wooden and metal trophy. The rectangular, wooden base he stands on it attached to a three piece metal design. Two copper side pieces stand alongside a silver piece which has a coat of arms on it bearing a fleur de lis, diamond, and knight's helmet. These three pieces connect to another rectangular wooden base which sit above a small silver square which sits on a small rectangular piece of marble. On each side of the marble stands a very small, silver baseball player. On the marble between them is a silver name plate reading "19 League Champions 72." This is all attached to a larger wooden rectangle which has a silver name plate on the front of it. The plate slides into place and is engraved with "E. Bercovich." At each end is a square, painted metal logo, one of the Quaker Oats brand and the other of the American Amateur Baseball Congress.

Used: League Champions

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