A Toy Train, large enough to carry passengers in its two open-sided cars (only one of which is seen in this photo) is moving toward the camera at left, powered by a make-believe, rubber-tired engine. The front of the engine has an anthropomorphic "happy face," with eyes, nose and mouth painted on the front of the "boiler." The smokestack is striped. An engineer is in his cab, and a Jack in the Box clown is between the the cars behind the engine. This car is filled with grown-ups and children, and the car in which they are riding has a striped canopy overhead. In front of the last car (not shown) there is a mock, striped depot on wheels, with a saluting, mock soldier appearing in its doorway. Signs above and near the entrance to the depot read "Toy Train Depot" and "Train Ride To Duck Pond Child 10 c[ents] Adult 15 c[ents] Round Trip Child 15c Adults 25c Pay on Train A 15 Minute Trip" At right a man wearing a Pendleton-type shirt is waving his fedora to the passengers. this scene is similar the one in 2000.2.233, except that it is at a later date, as evidenced by the increase in fares.

Used: City of Oakland

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