Full Color printed poster for a concert/event at the Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium in Oakland. "Bill Graham Presents, New Years Eve 1999-2000, PRIMUS, Spend Your Final Night on Earth with Primus...Long Beach Dub All Stars, Incubus, Buckethead, Zoltron.com...Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium, Oakland, California, The Final Freakout...." Poster has a vertical orientation, red border; central design features Uncle Sam with a scarred face, an atomic explosion over his left shoulder, flying saucers over a gray factory, and green spacemen (Martians?)-dressed in black-running from the factory toward Uncle Sam. Most of the lettering is done in metallic silver.

Used: advertising | Primus | Concert | Bill Graham Presents | Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium | Oakland | New Year's Eve

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