This jacket belonged to Rafael Jesús González. It was worn in Civil Disobedience at the Oakland Munitions Depot, the Federal Building in San Francisco and outside the Presidio for protests against the Vietnam Conflict. González. refers to the jacket as a consecrated garment that represents rites of worship and was worn at all Medicine Wheels and all other rituals after his releases from jail (for his civil disobedience). The jacket was also worn during anti-nuclear protests and at the Federal Prison - Lompoc, Santa Rita County Jail and San Francisco. The jacket is made of denim, and has no label or size indication. There are several areas that are thread bare due to wear: the proper left sleeve at the cuff, around the inner collar at the neck and on the proper right sleeve at the cuff. The jacket has six metal, radial design, buttons at the center front opening measuring 5/8 inches. Each sleeve has the same button at the cuff, and the two front patch pockets over the breast of the jacket close with the same buttons. On the proper left breast pocket welt, is a blue button one inch in size with a black peace symbol. The proper left side of the jacket has an appliqu_d plumed heart of dusty rose with embroidery of green, gold and baby blue, and embroidered plumes of blue, black and green. The plumed heart, which symbolizes the heart of the artist, is a variation of enlightenment. The proper left sleeve has an appliqu_d heart of soft red velveteen to represent feeling, virtue, the center of courage and love above all. The center back of the jacket has an embroidery of Quetzalcoatl in various greens, blues, yellow, orange, red, white and pink. Quetzalcoatl, the feathered or plumed serpent was a pre-hispanic Mexican God who symbolizes enlightenment. The center back jacket yoke is embroidered with an infinity symbol in white to represent the relative and the absolute. Embroidered along with the infinity symbol is a peacock feather in metallic gold, green, brown, baby blue and navy blue. The peacock feather represents the cosmic game, the game of relative in Hindu. On the proper right sleeve is a denim patch. On the denim patch is an embroidered triangle in pink to represent change, working through consensus, and is also a symbol of the "Change of Heart Cluster." Over the triangle is an embroidered heart in red. Out of the heart is an embroidered lily pad in green to represent enlightenment and self realization. From the lily pad stems a pink embroidered lotus flower which represents being rooted in the heart. Above the lotus flower is an embroidered yin-yang in black and white, which symbolizes the marriage of opposites. On the proper right front is an embroidered conch shell in purple, yellow and orange color. The conch shell symbolizes blowing the breath of life into the world. (The conch shell was also the emblem of the donor's affinity group "Lifers".) The symbol of the Lifers is the heart from which the lily and yin-yang grows. With the conch shell is a flower of jade embroidered in green. The flower of jade symbolizes poetry and the inspired word. Above the flower of jade is a semi-circle of seven beads of several shades of green. On the proper right collar is an embroidered ollin symbol in pink, dusty rose, blue and periwinkle color. The ollin is a symbol of movement and the present world from the Nahuatl culture. On the proper left collar is a jade heart embroidered in green and white. The jade heart is a pre-hispanic Mexican symbol of enlightenment. All embroidery, applique and beading was done by Rafael Jesús González.

Used: Rafael Jesús González | Peace protest | Anti-war protest | Laney College | Oakland Munitions Depot | Federal Building | Presidio | Anti-nuclear protest | Lompoc | Santa Rita County Jail

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