Gift of Rafael Jes

I.L.W.:Irving L. Wilson Company, Bala-Cynwyd, PA.:Irving L. Wilson COmpany, Bala-Cynwyd, PENNA.: Name: Date: Register: Whitacrew:7391:copyright 1940: Issued by authority of Amalgamated clothing:Union Made Suit:Workers of America General Executive Board:80

This Army issue sack coat (and 20000.80.2) was worn by Rafael Jesús González for lectures and other such "formal" events at Laney College, in front of the San Francisco Federal Building, USF and other locations throughout the Bay Area during the time of the Vietnam Conflict. (For usual, everyday protest, he wore his denim jacket, 2000.80.1.) The jacket is made of an olive colored wool, and was standard military issue. The jacket has a patch pocket on both the proper left and right front breast that closes with a gold button bearing the United States Shield. Below the patch pockets are welt pockets, one on the proper right and one on the proper left that close with flaps and buttons. The gold buttons are consistant in style, circular with and eagle and a shield, and are of two different sizes. There are four large buttons along center front and there are six smaller buttons: one on each pocket and one on each shoulder epaulette. On the proper left front lapel is a black colored pin with a white peace symbol. Above the proper left front breast pocket is a green colored wooden crayon pin. The crayon pin represents the group "Artists Against the War." Below the crayon pin, on the proper left breast pocket flap is a United States Navy Medal that suspends from a red grosgrain ribbon. The circular medallion holds an anchor in the center. There is a depiction of a ship within another circle in the center of the medal and below it reads"Constitution". The back of the medal reads "Fidelity, Zeal, Obedience". Written by hand in ink is "Rafael Jesús González, 1957". The medal was given to the donor, Rafael JJesús González while he was in the U.S.Navy from 1954-1958. On the proper left sleeve is an embroidered peacock feather in metallic green and brown, tan gray, blue and turquoise. The peacock feather symbolizes Lila in Hindu. It represents the cosmic game, the game of the relative. On the back of the jacket is an appliqued lily pad in two shades of green and a lily in tan, yellow and white velveteen. There is embroidery of green within the lily pad and brown embroidery at the botton of the stem representing roots. The lily is a symbol of enlightenment and self realization. The jacket has a black wool braid around the cuff; the jacket sleeves and front are lined. There is an inner welt pocket on the proper right front. Below the welt pocket is a black label that has machine embroidered lettering in pink and white that reads: Irving L. Wilson Company, Bala-Cynwyd, PA. The label also bears a shield to the left of the lettering and has the initial in the center I.L.W. Inside the pocket is a white label that has printed company information in black and spaces that read "name, date, register" Next to the name is written by hand in blue ink "Whitacre" and next to the register are written the numbers "7391". Next to the manufacturer label is a white union label that in black lettering reads "Issued by Authourity of Amalgamated Clothing. Union Made suit. Workers of America General Executive Board. copyright 1940.Series SZL. There is a picture of a sewing machine in the center of the label. The applique and embroidery was done by the donor, Rafael Jesús González. This coat was given to González by a friend, not one that he had worn while in the service. K. Becvar, per donor, 4/18/03: This coat was worn at UC Berkeley, not USF. Also, the denim jacket 2000.80.1 also described was not worn for everyday protest, it was worn only for civil disobedience and rituals. The medal on the proper left breast pocket flap is the "Good Conduct Medal."

Used: Rafael Jesús González | Laney College | Federal Building | University of San Francisco | Anti-war protest | Free Speach Movement

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