Gift of Betsy Anders

Made Expressly for I. Magnin & Co., Vienna, Austria

Child's cream colored silk dress, with baby blue silk trim. The yoke area features hand executed drawn work and embroidery. The dress has tiny piping in baby blue around the neck and at the cuff of the short, puffed sleeves. The neck is decorated in the front with a tiny bow made of the baby blue silk piping. The skirt is gathered and tucked, falling from the high yoke. The garment was worn by the donor when she was a child. The dress fastens at the yoke back with three small, mother-of-pearl buttons. It is such a dainty dress, and so special in her family that her mother had her photographed wearing it several years after it really fit her properly. (See photograph, 2000.83.3.)

Used: Elizabeth Kirk | Child | I. Magnin & Co.

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