Gift of Betsy Anders

Roos Bros., Inc.

This little sailor suit, worn by donor's brother Charles William Kirk ("Chuck"), was purchased by their father, Dr. Marvin Edward Kirk, from Roos Brothers in Oakland. A: The middy is of navy blue wool with long sleeves and a squared collar; the cuffs and collar are both trimmed with three stripes of white braid. There are five buttons around the middle of the garment. There's also an embroidered patch (featuring an eagle and wheel) on the proper left sleeve. Mrs. Kirk had her son photographed wearing the suit. (See photograph, 2000.83.4.) B: Trousers are of matching navy blue, with lacing at the waist back (just like the adult sailor pants). The flap in the front fastens with nine (9) buttons, and one at the waist.

Used: Charles William Kirk | Roos Brothers | Oakland

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