In-Country Nam| Long Shot
10 in HIGH x 7.5 in WIDE
(25.40 cm HIGH x 19.05 cm WIDE)
Gift of David E. James

Cover: The Title: IN-COUNTRY NAM is in a box, with a Vietnam landscape in the background. The Issue number and price is in the upper right corner. The image is of a fighter jet (red, white, blue, grey, black) flying thru a blue sky, with the jungle below. In the distance you can see other jets (very small) and explosions coming from their guns.

Included in the first issue:Dear Reader-Welcome to In-Country Nam. In this and future issues we will be presenting a gritty account of the war in Vietnam with emphasis on small unit combat actions since that war was essentially a platoon leaders war. We will endeavor to bring a broad perspective of the war to life- Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force in action. How their operation iverlapped- when they worked well and even when they didn't.Since the war evokes so many images from the past- good and bad, war is war and we will let you the reader draw the necessary conclusions... it is a very different thing to the men at the top who plan and start them than it is to grunts, pilots and other combatabts who have to fight them.The soldier thinks he is fighting for one thing- on the other hand the politician and planners may have a completely different reason for the conflict. This fact alone sets the Vietnam war apart from other wars Americans have fought in this century.We hope that you will enjoy this and future issues of In-Country Nam, and any opinions you may have, please feel free to drop us a line and let us hear them.J. O'Neileditor

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