Aloha Dinner
8 in HIGH x 6 in WIDE
(20.32 cm HIGH x 15.24 cm WIDE)
Gift of Carol Reom

The Oceanic Steamship Co.,

This menu has a metallic silver foil cover, printed in pink "Aloha Dinner, The Oceanic Steamship Co." Inside is a sheet of orange color paper, with a smaller sheet of cream colored paper over it, upon which the menu is printed in green. Some of the highlights on the menu include: "Beluga Malossol Caviar with Blinis, Salted Almonds, Iced Celery, Olives...Goose Liver in Aspic, Sardines in Oil and Stuffed Tomatoes a la Reine." "Cream Margot, Beef Broth in Cup, Hot or Cold, Chicken Consomme, Madrilene and Bisque of Tomatoes." "Boiled Brook Trout, Melted Butter, Sauce Palermetaine...Sea Food Combination a la Newbourg." Supreme of Chicken Maurice...Quails, Souvaroff...Fresh Asparagus, Sauce Hollandaise...Saddle of Reindeer, Cumberland, Breast of Gosling, Bohemienne." "Sherbet Valencia." "Stuffed Jumbo Squab, Sirloin of Beef au Jus, Mallard Duckling with Wild Rice." "Cauliflower, Polonaise...Succotash, Creamed Spinach." "Candied Sweet Mashed French Fried New Boiled." "Lettuce...Apples...Cherries...Pineapple." "Souffle Don Juan, Pudding Glace, Cantaloupe Yvette, Gateau Florentine..." "Swiss, Liederkranz, Camembert, and American Cheese, Assorted Crackers, Fruit in Season, Demi Tasse, After Dinner Mints." The ship's officers are listed opposite the menu, headed by Captain A. G. Townsend, U. S. N. R. Commander. There is also a space for "Autographs" (probably from those seated at your table)..."Jos.Herrschen, Charlotte Ham, Winifred Williams, Roma Melanphy, Helen Kay Robinson, Clara-Catherine Hudson and Joseph Sanphy." The menu is dated Wednesday, June 8, 1932, for the ship: S.S. Monterey.

Used: souvenir | The Oceanic Steamship Company | Voyage | S.S. Monterey

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